Ann of Siam Reflexology


“I have been receiving reflexology foot massage from Ann Garrity for three years, and am very satisfied.  I feel much better, I am more productive, and seem to have more energy.  I have better circulation in my extremities, arms, hands, legs, and feet.  I have not had any more attacks of gout.  I used to have gout pretty badly.” Harvey Lewis, Private Investigator, Brentwood, CA


Who would have thought that a foot massage would heal the extreme pain of fasciitis? Well, as most of us have been, I was a little skeptical too! It took until the sixth treatment for me to feel any relief from such pain. And after the eighth treatment I was on my way ...pain-free! Ann's technique is awesome, as is she! This gentle giant has a fabulous ancient technique she uses to heal body pain. And it really works! Thanks again, Ann!!

Annette Smith
My mouth is still wide open at what seems like a miracle from your hands! I've been in pain and wearing a knee brace for almost 2 months. I've been prescribed pain pills, muscle relaxers, seen a chiropractor multiple times and also was referred to an orthopedic surgeon to consider surgery. I came to you for what I thought would be a nice relaxing foot massage. Two days after my visit I took off the knee brace and discarded all medication. I can not only walk without limping, but I can skip and run, too! Anyone I can tell who will listen, I've referred to you. What a blessing!

Sarah Tuff
 I am so thankful to have crossed paths with Ann -- and I can say without question that she is the most gifted her field I have even seen. Prior to visiting Ann, I was dealing with stress, which was residing predominately in my stomach and intestinal tract. After two treatments I feel more open and energy is flowing more freely, as it should. As an added unexpected benefit My vision has improved in my left eye. Typically my left eye is weaker than my right -  it is now more clear and my distance vision has improved. When asking Ann about this, she has add other clients experience the same. However, the sight eventually returns back to normal over time. I cant help but wonder the impact consistent treatments would have. Thank you Ann I will be back!

Maricel Tufty
I feel like everyone takes their feet for granted. Not me! I love my feet and treat them well and always to a great foot massage and reflexology. After all they are tied to the functioning of every organ in our body. I've always waited to get my feet done when I went up to NYC every several months. I didn't realize there would be anything close but Ann of Siam is hidden gem and I'm so delighted I found this place. Ann is top notch with 8 years of practice in reflexology. She is thorough and will even explain her techniques if you don't end up trailing into la la land since the whole experience is so relaxing. I highly recommend getting a full 60 minutes treatment in order to keep those ailments at bay and your organs fully functioning at its best. $45 is a great deal for new clients. Totally worth it. I'll definitely be coming back at least every month. Happy feet equals happy mind, body and spirit.

Nancy Domnic

Ann is a talented and warm hearted woman, who will most certainly leave you feeling like you are on cloud 9. I would never go to anyone else now that I have experienced her magic. Thanks Ann for making me feel pampered during the late stages of my pregnancy. I will be recommending you to friends and family.

Debbie Snider  Owner Travel Beat
Yesterday I went for my first reflexology appointment - might I say OMG!! Always heard wild stories about reflexology. I was asked about specific pains or issues and yes I have two. One is with one knee and other is planters fasciitis in my heel. Might I dare say I slept like a baby last night and woke up with no pain in my knee and can walk on my foot. Thank you Ms. Somchit Ann Garrity owner of Ann of Siam. Never dreamed it would make a difference. Boy was I wrong! Looking forward to my next appointment. So I say if you struggle with stress, chronic pain, digestive problems, allergies, sinus, high blood pressure, gout....just to name a few I encourage you to give it a try yourself.

Andi Montgomery
I've had recurring pain from plantar fasciitis that causes me to have occasionally tender feet after walking.  When a friend told me that reflexology helped to alleviate her symptoms, I found Ann of Siam on Yelp and had to give her a try.

I was initially worried that the Thai method (using a short, polished wooden stick) would be painful.  But the massage was far from it.  Ann was gentle, but used appropriate pressure.  She used both her hands and the stick.  The massage actually has three components - a foot massage, a calf massage, then a foot massage with your foot wrapped in a towel.  When I left her office, my foot tingled and felt better than it had in days.  

After five or six visits, my foot pain disappeared, and I was able to get back to regular physical activity.  I continue to see Ann biweekly--and have been for a year already--because I enjoy her massages so much.  My husband started coming to see Ann based on my raving about her, and is now another of her regulars. 

Ann is very experienced in Thai reflexology, and always has your comfort in mind.  She offers discounts if you rebook within a month or buy multiple massages in advance, and has very convenient office hours.  I love Ann's massages so much, and recommend her to all of my friends!

Linda Harrison
This was the second time that I came to Ann for a Thai Foot Massage. I am so amazed at what she does. I relax to the point where I know I must be drifting to sleep. Her chair is very comfortable and the hour goes so fast!  The dim lighting and music all add to the experience. She has a gift and anyone that goes to her for a massage will definitely agree. Unfortunately, I  can't go as often as I would like, but I'm looking forward to the next one. Treat yourself or give a gift card that would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for someone special.

Rev. Marsha G. Cook, MSNH

Rev. Marsha G. Cook MSNH  Co-Director / The Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook
Somchit Ann's hands-on work is both healing and energizing. She has a wealth of knowledge which she applies in her therapies with individuals. I highly recommend her services in Ancient Thai Refelxology.

Lauren Schubert Helms
  Account Executive at Eastern Roof Technologies
I have received Ann's reflexology foot massage a few times and have really noticed the benefits. Currently, I am thankful to not have any medical issues but after receiving her massage I sleep better and just overall feel better. I would recommend this to anyone especially if you suffer from headaches, gout or any other medical condition. I can't wait until my next massage!

Candace DumontOwner/Handler at Safe and Found
I first met Ann through an attendee at a networking event. She is a true go getter! I gave Ann some ideas to grow her business and she jumped on every one of them. Ann has done an amazing job in marketing her business and everyone knows who she is. You can always find Ann supporting fellow small business owners and they support her in return. 

In regards to her services, I was amazed! I am normally ticklish on my feet but she is the only person who has ever touched my feet that hasn't made me jump. What is great is that you can tell Ann some of your current health issues and she can work to resolve them with her Thai techniques. There is no one anywhere around here with her credentials and I doubt anyone can live up to her service level. You are lucky if you can get time on her busy schedule for a treatment. Thanks Ann :)

Joel Surratt of Pineville, NC -
I've had sessions of reflexology over the past three years by various practitioners.  It's been two weeks since I met Ann for treatment and I can honestly say that she provides the best service in her field. I suffer from sinus problems and I usually apply OTC spray's once a day for relief.  After my session with Ann, I went a whole week without any assistance.  I realize that everyone is different and it'll take many visit's to correct a problem, but that was MY experience.  Not only will I continue to see Ann, but I highly recommend her services." 
Patti Cooke  Inside Sales at Cimtec Automation, LLC

"I wish there were enough words to express my thanks to Ann. I have had chronic neuropathy and cramping in my legs and feet for the last ten years until I heard about this particular Massage therapy. Ann studied in Thailand and has brought her knowledge to the USA and this area to educate the Western world on this wonderful hidden therapy. It has helped me so much. I wish everyone could know about this wonderful person in Cornelius. Before you seek out a Chiropractor, which can be dangerous, or an Orthopedic doctor, Try this wonderful alternative therapy. I promise you that you will be hooked on this. I know that I am. My schedule is the only thing prohibiting me now from going as much as I would like, but if I could I would do this many times per week. Ann always gives specials to her first customers. Please contact her. It doesn't matter how old or young you are. Pain is pain. Please try this. I will never try traditional massage again when this Massage feels like you have had a complete full body workover!

" I highly recommend Thai Foot Massage.  Ann is a wonderful person and is extremely knowledgeable.  I have been getting foot massage for years and I find it one of the most relaxing!" - Lori Frascati of Mooresville, NC

I have enjoyed the total relaxing and soothing benefits of Reflexology massage by Ann Garrity for nearly 2 years. My Husband and I have had this type of massage in the comfort of our own home, by setting double appointments. Applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, aches and cramps are diminished, I don't know exactly how this process works, but Ann does! She brings with her, a complete knowledge of how she can benefit individual needs by her intensive training. We will surely miss her, but this will be to your advantage, enjoy! - Donna Cooper  of Brentwood, California

I am the 2010 Chairman of the Ambassadors for the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, business owner and personal auto mechanic, Pro-am motocross racer (all at the ripe age of 50) and 1+ year pancreatic cancer surgery survivor. Regular cardio and strength training are necessary evil in my life. The old world techniques, therapies, and skills that Ann brings are second to none. In addition, her wonderful, loving personality makes yo want to give her a great big hug. Do yourself a favor and put your feet in her hands!

- Joe Carbon President, Good Old Fashioned Auto Care and Repair

Douglas, as a diabetic, suffered from poor circulation and swelling in the ankles and feet-with your wonderful massages, he was very much relieved and his comfort improved each time he saw you.  Margaret enjoyed just the relaxation and physical comfort of the massage that she found to be a welcome relief from a busy lifestyle.  Thank you again for your service to us.  We will miss you very much! - Douglas & Margaret Boyd of Antioch, California

Wonderful! I have had the opportunity to have Ann at several of my "customer appreciation" events and would say ALL my customers loved her! If you would like to treat yourself in your home or business, give Ann a will not be disappointed! - Nanette Collins, Owner, Waters Edge Tanning

Kitty Giese

Kitty Giese  Broker at Southern Homes of The Carolinas
I have benefitted from Ann of Siam's services several times. Results are always rewarding and accomplishes the area of discomfort I am experiencing. I would LOVE to be able to use her services and knowledge for maintenance so there would hopefully be no more "Have to" visits. Very knowledgeable about her field. 

Terri Carbon  Co-Owner at Good Old Fashioned Auto Repairs.
Ann does wonders with her reflexology practice.  I have never felt so relaxed as when she did her first treatment on me.  I am a true believer and will definitely be back many more times.

Kevin Smith  Owner KJr's
Ann works majic with her hands. She can remove stress and fatigue with a foot massage. I highly recommend Ann to many of my friends.

Paul DeBellis  Executive Producer at Vibrant Video Productions

If your looking for a relaxing therapeutic foot massage I would highly recommend Ann after an hour you will feel great.

Linda Hickle, RHU,REBC
Linda Hickle, RHU,REBC  Solutions Oriented Sales >> Business Development Leader >> Speaker >> Marketing Manager >> LinkedIn Trainer

Somchit, aka Ann of Siam, is a very talented and professional reflexologist. She came to my home to give my Mother a treatment for her birthday in July 2010. The results were very positive and I look forward to hiring her again soon.

John Bartemus  Chiropractor at Accelerate Chiropractic
Ann provided me with a very relaxing, very educational reflexology session. Not only did she do wonderful work, but she educated me as she worked. Being someone who is always interested in how things work, especially regarding the human body, I appreciated her desire to educate her clients. If you have not experienced foot reflexology, I recommend you give Ann a call.

Chris Mulcahy

Chris Mulcahy  Seeking New Opportunities - VP Marketing Sports - Events
I used Ann's services and was very pleased with her work. She delivered exactly what she told me and it was profesional in manner. I would recommend that everyone try using her services.

Kitty Giese
Kitty Giese  Broker at Southern Homes of The Carolinas

What a great way to sit down and RELAX for a while and having something good done for yourself....., body, mind and spirit at the same time.
She knows her stuff.